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    On my 9780, I used to get a prompt before deleting saved WiFi networks. The prompt basically asked "Are you sure you want to do this?" and gave the option to not show itself anymore.

    When atttempting to connect to WiFi networks at airports, usually I would have to try many before finding ones that would work, and I would end up with many saved networks on the list. These saved WiFis would require two steps to delete, courtesy of the prompt, so I chose to turn the prompt off in order to delete many unknown saved WiFI networks more quickly.

    After cleaning up my saved WiFi list, I wanted to restore the prompt to make it more difficult to inadvertedly delete WiFis I use often. For the life of me, I have found no option to restore the prompt. I did find and try the "Reset to Default Settings" option (written in red) [Manage Connections -> Set Up WiFi Networks -> Saved WiFi Networks -> BB Key -> Options]. That wiped out all of my saved WiFis, as it said it would do, but it did not restore the prompt.

    Can anyone please help me restore the prompt?

    Thanks very much,

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