1. cdeliz's Avatar
    I use my Bold as a PDA of sorts (note-taking and as a travel alarm, for example) and sometimes I want to hop on wifi and find something online. However, I cannot browse any website because the phone says they all have expired certificates. Even on boot the phone says this about some connection attempt (I'm guessing for some application I am unaware of trying to update from servers at boot) and trying to clear these messages actually freezes my phone up at times (requiring me to wait some time for it to be usable).

    This is an annoyance that I would like to resolve. Is it possible to do so?
    03-30-21 12:53 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    At this point not sure there is much to be done for the outdated Browser... have you tried using Opera Mini.

    ShuswapThe Bold Explorer site has some info you can look at.
    03-30-21 01:23 PM

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