1. Go Go's Avatar

    Yes I have searched the forum.
    I just can't find an answer that works with my ATT Bold devise.

    How do i remove the "Sent from Blackberry" line at the bottom of my email?

    Thanks for your help!
    07-20-09 10:39 AM
  2. netman's Avatar
    This line is added via the AT&T BES server. Go into your account via the AT&T portal and modfiy or delete the entry.
    07-20-09 10:47 AM
  3. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    BlackBerry Internet Service.
    Create an account here if you have not already done it. Then once you login in you will see where you can edit your email addresses on the right. Click edit and then you will see a place to edit your signature
    07-20-09 10:53 AM
  4. Go Go's Avatar

    I have gone and logged in, to no avail.
    There is simply no way to remove the sig line.
    Under my account, I can manage, shop or support.
    I cannot find any way to mod the sig line.
    07-20-09 11:05 AM
  5. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    Log in at the blackberry link i posted
    07-20-09 11:15 AM
  6. Go Go's Avatar
    Go it though...

    I'll do it from my laptop later...

    Creating an auto signature using BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.2 E-mail Settings
    BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.2
    BlackBerry E-mail Settings
    BlackBerry Desktop Redirector
    Auto signature
    Prerequisite: Connect the RIM BlackBerry handheld to the desktop computer via cradle/USB.
    Creating an auto signature:
    07-20-09 11:17 AM
  7. cjsmoove's Avatar
    Thanks All....This is good news..
    07-20-09 11:20 AM
  8. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    This can actually be done from the device itself.

    Go to your email setup icon and select it.
    Then put in your username and password and then you can edit everything without going through the pc
    07-20-09 11:22 AM
  9. Go Go's Avatar
    I set up my account via the device (BOLD) and then signed on via a Mac.
    After sign in the road to the signature line is via settings, and then edit.

    All has been revealed to me!
    07-20-09 12:34 PM
  10. cycotom's Avatar
    good info, thanks!
    07-20-09 02:06 PM