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    I am snowboarder and on my last trip i headed out to colorado.
    In this video i fall and my blackberry goes in the snow about a foot. The camera kept rolling even thought it was dug in the snow. It had no back on it because it fell off and it had no case on it. check it out!

    P.s. i am a better snowboarder than the video shows...:-p
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  2. M7mdAA's Avatar
    no damage from water ?
    06-03-10 10:49 PM
  3. chrisvee's Avatar
    Haha, niiice. I'd totally be panicking if I dropped my phone into the snow! I remember doing so with my Bold 9000 last year, but it was in the holster so it wasn't that bad. I still freaked out.. :P
    06-03-10 10:51 PM
  4. TayJones13's Avatar
    no damage from water ?
    my water damage indicator on my battery turned red and the phone was a little sketchy for a day or two but after that it worked fine.
    06-03-10 10:57 PM
  5. berkdavis's Avatar
    Snow typically isn't too harmful to electronics. If it does melt, as long as it isn't contaminated with anything else, it's nearly pure water, which is actually not very conductive, and thus not generally harmful to electronics. I left my Berry and my old Moto Q out on my deck overnight through about two feet of melting snowfall and they were both fine two days later when it all melted off. I took the time to dry them out, of course, but neither suffered any detrimental effects that I could tell.

    You can see how the conductive properties of water change when other, conductive, contaminants are introduced with a simple experiment. Just takes a little wire, an iron nail, a pinch of salt, distilled water, and a six or twelve volt battery (do not use your Bold's battery!). From the battery terminals, run the wires to a glass of water, attaching the nail to either wire and submerging both in the water. You will be bored to sleep rather quickly. Now drop in a pinch of salt and watch what happens. The nail, depending on size and makeup, will usually oxidize to nothingness within a few hours. Without the salt, the oxidation (rusting) process is far slower or nonexistent.

    Edit - I did not leave them out there on purpose! The beer is a little too good out here in Colorado sometimes.
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  6. StarskyGirl's Avatar
    My daughter uses the 8900. it fell in the toilet, got knocked into the dogs water bowl and got rained on. \all 3 times \i was able to save it by taking the back off, pulling the battery and syicking it in a baggie with the beads from my hearing aid dryer. \after a week in there it was fine until the last one and she has to talk on speaker all the time.

    06-04-10 03:29 AM
  7. dictoresno's Avatar
    i had a nokia 8390 that spent 1 minute in a pool. once dry, an hour later, it powered right up and worked 100%. i still think to this day, no other phone wouldve survived what the older nokias could survive.
    06-04-10 04:12 AM