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    I'm just wondering.. How to know if my blackberry is infected by a virus? Cuz when I reboot the trackpad doesn't respond well for a few seconds.. And my friend asked me.. Her memory card on her blackberry is infected by 2 viruses. Will that have an effect on her blackberry?

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    12-17-10 06:01 AM
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    BB platform is different than windows/mac/linux/iOs/android/etc
    And it’s most secured OS, know one is able to hack it till now. No viruses till now.
    Format your memory card with data backup.
    Back up  wipe/reinstall OS  restore backup.
    This will kill all the virus in your BB.
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    12-17-10 06:25 AM
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    Contact RIM to let them know that you have discovered a virus that truly effects the BBOS and they shall give you a wonderful gift.

    Even though there could be viruses attached to your SD card, they won't effect ya BB cause the virus is designed/coded for whatever Windows OS you/friend have. Just backup all the files on your SD card and than format it (due this from a non-infected PC though).

    Thnx, •Tripster•

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    12-17-10 06:46 AM
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    If you backup you SD card, reformat and then reload the card you will probably reload the virus onto the card. Some file that was loaded onto the SD card was carrying the file, or the PC that was used to load the files has a problem.

    I would suggest that you attach your BB to your PC in mass store mode, then run a scan with your anti-virus software on the SD card. This should identify the virus, if there is one and remove it. There should be no reason to have to re-format the SD card.

    The real question, is where did the virus come from? If it came from your/her PC then you might want to update your/her anti-virus sofware or if you don't have one then consideration of installing one might be in order.
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    You can get this program from post #22 on geekstogo website.

    Google Redirect [Solved] - Page 2
    12-17-10 08:07 AM
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    You have NOT got a virus. Since I have been on BlackBerry there has been only one true virus and that was sent out by a Middle Eastern carrier with the express intent of spying on users.

    Please do an Advanced Searh using the word virus in Keyword(s) and Pete6 in UserName: and set the Find Posts from: to Any Date and Newer.

    You should see a number of intersting threads to read on this subject.

    This is one of the subjects that I always try to respond to.
    12-17-10 08:21 AM
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    That may be true but doesn't mean that the sd card doesn't have a virus on it from her or another computer. Even though that virus may be useless on the bb.
    12-17-10 07:35 PM
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    What I can't understand is why you or your friend is messing around with an infected memory card! The question should not be whether or not it can infect your BB.... you should be asking about how to clean it!

    As has been stated, the infection may not affect your BB, but one day that card will be connected to a pc - either directly via a card reader, or when the BB is hooked up with mass storage mode "on", and then you have the very real threat of infecting that pc.

    As has also been stated, you NEED to clean the card, as well as locate and clean the source of the infection, and install some protection to it.

    Hey... just my morning thoughts!

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    12-19-10 09:33 AM
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    As said, just wipe the card and move on. That's about all you can do at this point.
    12-19-10 09:46 AM
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    As said, just wipe the card and move on. That's about all you can do at this point.
    No, if you just wipe the card you will loose all the data on it. If you back it up, wipe it and reload it you will backup and reload the virus. Hence, the BB needs to be connected to a PC in mass store mode or the card needs to be removed and connected to the PC with an adapter, then a virus scan should be done on the card to identify the virus and allow the virus scanning program to remove it.

    As stated, the virus is no threat to the BB, but it is to a PC. If the virus is left on the card, at some point it could infect a PC to which it has been connected. Also, the PC to which it has been connected needs to be scanned if that is not done on a regular basis.
    12-19-10 10:03 AM
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    my mobile model is black berry 9360. first two month best response use but few days before i used inter net after every time struck. how to repair solution pls. reply ur answer my email: akheel2008@yahoo.com/mohammedakheel2008@yahoo.com . one year back buying this phone . that shop person not sending CD. how to this problem swallow.
    07-26-13 11:21 PM
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    My Black Berry Bold 9900 frequently hangs in a day. I can make calls, someone can call on my device but voice not come and goes even all types of sound ( Songs, Ring, Call Voice both & Video Camera also not work) mute. I have many times wiped the device and also two times updated the device software but the problem is still same.
    09-11-13 05:36 AM
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    How do i know if my phone has a virus.
    11-20-13 03:10 AM
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    How do i know if my phone has a virus.

    Blackberry devices don't get viruses. What behavior are you experiencing that makes you wonder?

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    11-27-13 07:21 PM