1. de_rainmaker's Avatar
    I am facing some problem with memory space in application. When I checked the remaining memory in the application, it shows "0". Thus I need to delete some thrid party software however, most of the 3rd party software are useful to my daily use, ie Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Facebook, etc.

    Can anyone guide/advise me how to create more space for the application memory.

    My phone (Blackberry Bold) is fairly new but I can feel that the response time is slower comparing to the 1st few weeks I bought.

    Please help.
    07-01-09 04:01 AM
  2. illwun11's Avatar
    Without knowing any specifics...
    Save all media to media card, delete all apps that are not used, have only one or two themes installed, Get BBFileScout and delete a bunch of garbage like default backgrounds, unused ringtones, fonts, etc... Also you may haver a battery leak do a battery pull every day or so to keep it fresh. Delete messages emails etc...or save them on a bckup if you need them later or forward them to yourself so they are stored somewhere else like outlook for example. That should help a lot...Good Luck
    07-01-09 04:08 AM