1. arian29's Avatar
    If i set an appointment in blackberry calender (9700, os 5.0), and set a reminder of say 0 min. create a series of recurrences/repeats of the reminder on a daily basis, i see that the reminder alert is in the first instance if the appointment only and is not copied to the rest of the instances if the appointments. How do i make the reminders also to be copies to all the recurrences ?
    06-28-10 01:51 AM
  2. ronnie51's Avatar
    When u setting up reminders in calender go done to where it recurrences click and set to daily/weekly/monthly/yearly then save. Also put ur time to reminder u to five minutes before the time. Then go into profiles scroll down alerts and set what u want for calendar so it has one type of alert.

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    06-28-10 05:50 AM