1. john616's Avatar

    I was wondering if there were a way to disable whatsapp so that it would only work over wifi. I'm leaving abroad and signed up for the BB international plan at Tmobile, but that does not include web access and third apps, so I know I will be charged if I use it over 3G. Even though I exit whatsapp and close the app, I still receive messages so I don't know if there's a way...

    Thanks for your help,

    12-12-12 11:28 PM
  2. imaplayer_y2k's Avatar
    Im going off a hunch here, but if you type in applications on the home screen and the click application management, look for whatsapp and click on edit permissions. Where it says connection at the top, change it to Deny, but when you have WiFi connection change it back to allow. See if that works..
    12-13-12 03:20 AM
  3. john616's Avatar
    Thank you!

    I really thought it would work but no... I think it can't because whatsapp is saying that it "cannot function without all of the required permissions".

    So I guess there's no way...

    Thank you for your help!
    12-13-12 09:03 AM
  4. jack57's Avatar
    Hi John, yes it can be done. I used whatsapp in Spain this summer. Just turn off mobile network, hook up to wifi, send and receive whatsapp messages. Turn on mobile network when done. I had no problems.
    12-13-12 09:55 AM
  5. puravc's Avatar
    But how to stop whatsapp once done sending/receiving msgs? Else, whatsapp will receive msgs and hence charges will apply - isnt it?

    01-14-13 10:01 AM
  6. superduperspidy's Avatar
    I want to use it on wifi, with my mobile network active. like the way it can be done on an android phone. just switch the data off & enable wifi.
    I tried putting my data on off mode in BB & using whatsapp over Wifi, but it doesnt work.
    10-28-13 06:24 AM
  7. BlackJack-21's Avatar
    I use whatsapp over wifi but that's because I don't have a data plan. I just looked at the settings and I don't think you can toggle between cell data and wifi.

    Maybe in future updates.

    "My toast is better than yours!"
    10-28-13 06:31 AM

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