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    Not sure if this applies to all, and if it has been posted here before, but if you did a software upgrade and lost THK2 and cant put it back, this is how i was able to get it back.

    my computer > c: drive > program files > common files > research in motion > shared > loader files > 9000xxxx folder

    now look for the THK2_v4.6.alx file and open it with notepad

    *id recommend making a backup of this file first just incase.
    *i always uncheck "always use the selected program to open this kind of file"

    go to the bottom of file and edit the fileset line by deleting the _vendorID

    so this is how it will look

    <fileset Java="1.0" series="9000">

    and just save after that.

    so now when i go to application loader texas holdem is available.

    hope this helps.
    07-07-09 11:16 PM