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    I hear all this talk about .266 being the latest os and when I go to my about screen it says I have .162. I checked with BB desktop manager and it says I have all the latest updates. I'm with Rogers in canada

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    06-20-09 09:24 PM
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    The latest current OS for the Bold 9000 is Here is a link to the thread that it can be found in:

    You will need to follow the instructions on this page to install the OS. Make sure to read them carefully, and do everything they say, EXACTLY how they say. If you do that, your Bold will be soon up and running with the latest stable OS. Good luck!
    06-20-09 09:32 PM
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    I read about that one but it seems it has some problems which is why I waa curious about .266

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    06-20-09 09:35 PM
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    Here's the link you are looking for if you just have to attempt the upgrade...


    Also might need this...

    06-20-09 10:42 PM