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    Hey guys n girls I got a question I need help with I have a Bold 9000 Berry that unfortunately is with the Australian network telstra and I absolutely hate telstra largely due to the fact I keep getting $2935 phone bills! :-| all erroneous charges and their customer service is disgusting. But anyway the phone is not locked to telstra and when I put my Australian 3 prepaid 3G sim card in it, it works but it says roaming but only on 2G and sometimes shows up EDGE.? What is EDGE? How can I get my 3 sim card to roam on 3G so all my 3G stuff works. Can I have my 3 sim card work like it does in Perth, in the 3 coverage area? I understand that I will get charged a roaming fee but that's ok as long as it works. I live in Port Hedland in WA. Also my Berry has telstra device software on it and I have downloaded the 3 device software for my phone but it won't let me instal it, it will only let me put the telstra one on here. Why is that and how can I get my 3 software to install?

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    I know in the US if you unlock a BOLD and put it on T-mo you won't get 3G either. EDGE and 2G are the same thing.

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