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    I recently bought a 9790 to replace my T-Mobile branded 8900 and have successfully configured the UMA function. Out of the box UMA was not working with my T-Mobile sim card and a Wi-Fi connection. As you know UMA is dependent on the device being capable AND the mobile carrier supporting the function. The information to enable UMA on the 9790 is available, however the relevant pieces to get it working are scattered throughout many different threads on different forums. After a week of reading the hundreds of posts, trail and error attempts and then finding success, I thought it would be helpful to post the steps in one thread. These steps worked for me. My 9790 uses 7.1.0 bundle 2102.

    The place in the phone where I configured the UMA function is in the “engineering screens.” At first it sounded a bit voodoo and scary to me and I was concerned about accessing these screens and screwing the phone up, irrevocably. I am a complete IT noob, having only had a smartphone (8900) for one year so if I can do it, so can you. To the experts out there, this is elementary school stuff so bear with me.

    Here goes.

    Do this first: One of the steps below requires that you have already imported into your phone the T-Mobile certificate applicable to UMA. My existing T-Mobile branded 8900 has 6 T-Mobile certificates, so I sent them all to my 9790 via PIN (but you can also send them via email and then import), but there is only one that you will select in the steps below on the UMA options screen. For example, to access the existing certificate list in your 9790, select Options, then Security, then Advanced Security Settings, and then Certificates. An entire list of existing certificates will be displayed. There will (should) not be any T-Mobile certificates displayed as yet until you import them. The one certificate that you enter in the below steps is called: T-Mobile USA, Inc. Engineering and Operations CA. I imported it and all the others for good measure from my 8900. You can get the applicable certificate from this thread:


    So once you have the certificate imported into your 9790:

    1, Hold down the ALT and SHIFT key simultaneously and at the same time press the H key.

    2. This will bring up the Help Me! Screen.

    3, The data you need on this screen is: App Version, PIN and uptime. Do not exit the Help Me! Screen at this time, as you will enter the “key” obtained in the next steps on this page.

    4. Next step is to obtain the “top secret” key that will allow you into the “top secret” screens. There are quite a few online key calculators available. This one worked for me:

    How To Get Your BlackBerry MEP Code - Global Unlock Blog | Global Unlock Blog

    Scroll down to the part where it shows the “Help Me” screen and just below that is a link to the eScreen keygen

    Blackberry eScreen keygen

    Enter the data obtained above from the Help Me screen (that you have not closed)on your phone. Click get my key and you will get an eight-character key.

    5. Now on your device, just type the key. It will not show as you type so be mindful of using the ALT key to enter the numerals. As soon as you type in the last character, the phone will open to “engineering screen contents”. That’s as far as you go in the steps in the link above as that site is trying to access another function in the Engineering Screens.

    6. On the Engineering Screen Contents page, select “Mobile Network Engineering Screens”.

    7. Then select “Utilities.

    8. Then scroll down and select “Session Manager”.

    9. When you select “Session Manager” the screen will be empty. Press the BB menu button and from the pop up menu select “UMA options”. That screen will also most likely be empty, so again press the BB menu button and select New. This will take you to a UMA profile screen where you will fill in and select specific information to configure your device to be compatible with T-Mobile USA UMA.

    10. Display name: Factory Provisioning
    Operator name: T-Mobile
    Provisioning UNC address: punc.t-mobileuncs.com
    Provisioning UNC port: 14001 (this was already in my phone)
    Provisioning SEGW address: psgw.t-mobilesgws.com

    11. The next item to enter is the T-Mobile certificate. This certificate should be imported into your phone prior to beginning the procedure, as it will then be in the drop down list of certificates when you do this step. More on getting the certificate above. Select the “T-Mobile USA, Inc. Engineering and Operations CA” certificate.

    12. Then select the UMA protocol version: UMA v. 1.0.3

    13. Then press the center button, hit save and your done. Go back to the home screen.

    14. Reboot with a battery pull. (This may not actually be necessary, but I did it anyway)

    15. When it reboots, get a good Wi-Fi connection (I have Wi-Fi preferred or Wi-Fi only in connections selected) and magically an upper case UMA will be displayed in white above the Wi-Fi symbol in upper right on your home screen.

    That’s it!

    This procedure should work on any BB that is UMA capable to make UMA work with a T-Mobile sim card. Some of the screens may be labeled slightly different because of the OS, but close enough for you to figure it out.

    Hope this helps.
    01-26-13 07:18 PM
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    Awesome. It worked like a charm on my unbranded blackberry 9790 to work on T-mobile USA UMA. Thank you so much !!!
    12-18-13 10:36 PM
  3. qingshan's Avatar
    Wow! Way cool and a first post Thanks
    12-30-13 10:05 PM

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