1. berry-addict's Avatar
    Good morning from London

    As the title dictates: how do we tell if we have a refurbished BOLD?
    I ask this because when I ordered my BOLD (about 6ix months ago now-Vodafone UK) it came with a loose screen.

    I called them up, sent it back and within in a few days received my new BOLD and gave them back the broken one.

    I currently still have the second BOLD so I really would like to know if it is a refurbished handset or a ‘new’ one.

    This might seem petty but it matters to me.
    04-07-09 02:01 AM
  2. richpuer's Avatar
    u can sometimes tell by smelling it...if it doesnt have that brand new fresh out of the box smell, its prob a refurb....i love the smell of brand spankin new electronics
    04-07-09 02:29 AM
  3. berry-addict's Avatar
    come'on people there must be an actual way to tell if you own a refurbished or new device


    04-07-09 02:53 AM
  4. berry-addict's Avatar
    HA HA
    made you look
    04-07-09 02:56 AM
  5. berry-addict's Avatar
    sorry for all of you
    04-07-09 02:57 AM
  6. nfrederick's Avatar
    Whoever sent you a replacement sent you a refurb.
    04-07-09 06:33 AM
  7. buichuoi's Avatar
    I have no idea
    maybe I will tell with god and....nothing happen.
    you have to accept it. that's life.
    I very disappointed i your case.
    forget it
    07-29-09 10:54 AM