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    You Google Voicers should know that when you record those conversations, Google is going to keep them, even if you record them. They will index them, build a profile on you based on your calls and sell the information for marketing purposes (its how they make $ on your clicks).

    BTW: it is illegal in the US to record a phone call without the other party knowing...(hello Linda Tripp).

    You could always use some old technology:

    Cell Phone Recorder works as home phone recorder and cell phone recorder

    Otherwise...dont look like it.
    If I'm not mistaken, there's an audible announcement that recording is starting.

    Besides, with the accuracy I've seen so far on the voice message transcription, they can save and index it all they want. It rarely has anything to do with what the caller actually said...

    What do you think are you hiding? It's already being recorded and indexed as it travels over ATT's airwaves anyway thanks to the Patriot Act.
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    Sorry but ive got a stories that I have to record, but donno how to get an invitation. How can i get one... once again I know it is stupid to ask dis kinda things, :#
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