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    I ditched my old 9930 for the Z10 a couple of months ago, and I've finally decided to wipe the old phone. So, its basically out-of-the-box now. I never had much luck updating to the last 2 OS updates Verizon released for the 9930, so now that its a clean device I'm ready to update them again, but there is no option for an OTA software update on the phone now. (running v7.1.0.163 i think) I believe this was the case with the original OS built-in to the phone, however, when I connect it to the BlackBerry Desktop Software, it says the device is up-to-date. That can't be right, wtf? Does anyone know what I should do? Maybe I should try to install a leaked OS for the first time?
    06-16-13 05:55 PM
  2. ep1's Avatar
    Do you have the OS installed on your computer.
    if not stalled the OS you want and plug in the phone it should see it and start to install it.
    deke09 likes this.
    06-16-13 08:38 PM

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