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    I recently had to do a complete reboot of my 9700 due to get the white screen of death "app error 200". As a result of which I have had to re-install everything.

    I was able to restore a fair few things from my back ups but the two things I was not able to do is (1) I was unable to get my yahoo email ONLY (not contacts) to sync with my 9700 and (2) I was unable to restore my Blackberry Messenger contacts and all previous messages that I had backed up.

    When I did a restore, I was able to restore all my old emails. However all the emails I currently have in my INBOX in my yahoo account, I cannot see any of those on my device.

    When I did a restore of my Blackberry Messenger, it did NOT restore ANY of my contacts neither did it restore ANY of their messages. I dont care about the messages so much but is there a way to restore the contacts without having to ask people for their BB Pin and manually entering it?

    Alternatively, I could try an restore a even earlier version backup that I have and see if that helps restore the contacts at least. But I dont know exactly which data I should select to restore that pertains to ONLY Blackbery Messenger (should I be restoring "Text, or SMS or Messages" as not sure which one refers to BB Messenger).

    Any advise would be HUGELY helpful.

    Much thanks
    07-24-13 08:19 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    There should be a restore command under the BBM options.
    07-28-13 11:36 PM

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