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    I bought an unlocked 9650 to use on At&t. I already have a blackberry plan with at&t. Phone works great for calls and texting but I can't figure out how to enable MMS on it. The place I got it from sent directions to do it (AT&T Blackberry Internet & MMS Instructions | The Blue Dot) and I also found some here on crackberry but some of the items that I'm supposed to do, I can't find in my desktop manager. For example, where it says "Open Desktop Manager and go to Back up and Restore>Advanced", I have a back up option and a separate restore option but neither of those have "advanced" (that I can find anyway). The instructions say I'll see files in the box on the right. I have no box on the right when I use one of the 2 above options...only a large single box. On the instructions I received from the seller, it says to go to the DM (which I assume is desktop manager) and open apploader>add/remove programs...I'm not finding apploader or add/remove. I'm using Blackberry Desktop Software V. on a Windows 7 computer.

    Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated! Just be sure to talk slowly and use small words as if the person you were talking to is clueless...because I am! LOL Thanks a lot!
    02-23-14 01:04 PM
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    02-24-14 12:21 AM
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    Thanks for your help. I found that my newer desktop manager was the cause for not having the "buttons" the instructions called for. I download DM 4.5 but it's asking for a password and has a pin drop down. The pin is grayed out. I don't have a password enabled. Tried enabling it, typing it in as numbers & as letters as I saw suggested on another site. Neither worked I've attached a screenshot so you can see what I see. any ideas?

    How Do I Enable MMS on Unlocked 9650?-bbscreenshot.jpg
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    02-25-14 03:37 PM

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