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    How can I buy the retail version of a Bold 9900? How do I approach the salesperson that I only want to buy the full price of the bold and not any contract whatsoever that goes with it. Should I say that the Bold is for a friend or something and therefore does not need a contract? Most of the times before, all the salesperson at Rogers or Bell or Telus stores always persuade me to get a contract and I keep saying no and they tell me I can't buy it without a contract.

    Which store is the most bloat-ware and branding friendly-est? I would like a bold that's splash-screen free and carrier branding free. (I hate the carrier logos like Rogers or Telus..makes the device look ugly) I've heard Bell or Virgin Mobile that they are usually branding-free. Does wireless wave, or futureshop, or best buy sell them retail full price?

    Also, I can buy the phone anywhere at a store (not online, as I would like to pay and get the device immediately) and I will unlock it myself to use it on my Fido network as my plan is very cheap and reliable.

    Edit: Does buying a retail device also offer a 15 day or a 30 day return guarantee and a limited warranty?
    Thanks for your answers!
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    I'm just going to walk into a Rogers store and ask to buy the Bold 9900 at full retail. Did it for the 9780, although that was in February 2011 and the phone was released in November 2010.

    You don't have to lie to the sales rep lol, just say you're not interested in a contract if he asks and say you want to buy it at the full retail price.

    Bell/Virgin apparantly have no branding on their Blackberry phones, although the rumours are that it is being sold at $599.99 compared to Rogers at $549.99 (even heard $499 from someone on the forums).
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    Just tell them you want to buy off contract. Pretty easy to do.
    08-08-11 05:38 PM
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    pretty easy, and pretty penny
    08-08-11 05:41 PM