1. lacusclyne3's Avatar
    Greetings from Singapore.
    I'm a Starhub Prepaid SIM card user and currently using Blackberry Bold 9780 smartphone. I'm able to connect to wifi at home but unable to use it. Is it because I'm using prepaid?
    09-02-11 12:24 AM
  2. mobibiz's Avatar
    From Wikipedia Wi-Fi my friend is a mechanism for wirelessly connecting electronic devices. A device enabled with Wi-Fi, such as a personal computer, video game console, smartphone, or digital audio player, can connect to the Internet via a wireless network access point. An access point (or hotspot) has a range of about 20 meters (65 ft) indoors and a greater range outdoors. Multiple overlapping access points can cover large areas.

    In order to connect to internet using Wi-fi you do not need the SIM card and other services, now in the BlackBerry certain services do require Blackberry data plans (which can either be enabled on your prepaid SIM/or post paid SIM card). But you can use some basic functions on your smartphone using the WI-Fi, provided you have the password to your Wi-Fi router. For more details please search click on this

    09-02-11 02:05 AM