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    I have a Bold 9930. I have unfortunately been using my sprint.blackberry.net email address for my business. Now that I want to change to an Android or iPhone I need to get hundreds of emails I need to save off my phone and forwarded to my new gmail account. I have set up the new gmail account on my phone for new emails going forward but I can't figure out how to get the old past emails forwarded. I found an app called Message X that sounds like it will do what I want but it doesn't work for my model. Sprint told me I'd have to forward every.single.email 1 at a time. I just can't believe that! Help?
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    Gotta love Sprint for all their help...lol
    Seriously though, call Sprint and ask to be transferred to the Blackberry Tech Support Division and ask for help there...or call 877-255-2377, 877-644-8410, or 877-654-9111...
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