1. blackbirdz's Avatar
    First thing first, I use BB native apps to send / receive my Gmail messages and I am not a corporate.

    The way I understand or see it now is BB native email apps is just like email clients like Outlook,Thunderbird etc. which I use to send/receive my Gmail messages. I heard a lot that BB is the most secure device and so on. Now, can someone please explain it to me in plain language how BB is secure in my application above? What's the advantage that I am using BB native apps to send/receive Gmail messages compared to using Outlook, iPhone, Android? Where is that "security" things that the marketing is talking about?

    I have searched around to find the answer to this, but what I found online are way too technical and don't usually happen in real personal life. I will appreciate if someone can explain it plain language.
    02-28-13 08:46 AM
  2. rav813's Avatar
    Because you're using BBOS, you are connected to the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). When you bought the BB, your carrier had to give you a data plan specific to BlackBerry. The data you send (email, etc) is routed from your carrier into BBRY's servers, then back out to the external location (Gmail, etc). This routing is the reason that you have to get a BB-specific data plan, and is also the reason people say BB is "more secure".

    Other devices just connect to Gmail directly.
    02-28-13 11:34 AM

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