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    Hi, I am new to BB and would like to know how the number i type on main screen can be added to new contact list easily? Example like the screenshot below:-

    The menu key doesn't offer option like "Add to contact list", what I am doing now is to make a call to the number, end call immediately, go to call log, find the number, then add to contact list. This is troublesome, and I can't believe if 9900 is not able to do it a faster way.

    I know if that number is keyin after pressing the "Call" button, then there is an option to Add to Contact List. What I wish to know is if that happens at main screen what is the faster way to do it.

    Another question is about the case for 9900. I am not in favour of leather pouch, so i will look for hard or silicone case. What i would like to ask is about the durability of the keyboard paint, will it fade out fast if it is left open always? I put it in the pocket and there will be no other item together with it.

    Thank you.
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    09-06-11 11:45 PM
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    Hmmmm, Im using the 9860, I know its a different phone but when I type numbers and then I click the BB menu button it gives me the option to "Add To Contacts" I have access to a 9900 later tonight, if nobody else chimes in, which they most likely will, I will post again and try and help you.
    09-06-11 11:58 PM
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    I always hit "send" first when I want to add a new number.

    DannyJK, that's interesting that the 9860 has the "Add to Contacts" option in the menu when in Universal Search, kind of makes me a little frustrated. Would love a screenshot if you could...
    09-07-11 12:09 AM
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    Yeh, I was going to say that it is weird, because under the search option, my tour 9630, bold 9650, and bold 9930 do not have the 'add to contacts' option. I also hit the 'send' key just to type a number in then 'add to contacts'

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    09-07-11 02:33 AM