1. ttop's Avatar
    Just Did a device Switch from my 9780 to a new 9900, and my Hotmail messages went from being almost instnatly redirected to about 5 minutes. Any one else having this issue, or can anyone confirm?
    08-23-11 01:01 PM
  2. rcm1301's Avatar
    So you are worried about 5 min and you only have the phone for couple of hours? How about measuring over a day or two before getting worried about 5 min. BTW, on my 9930 it's about 1 min.
    08-23-11 01:14 PM
  3. ttop's Avatar
    Not worried, but this shouldn't take a day or two to Sync instantly again like it used to. I've made a lot of device switches and this has never been an issue. Before the switch, It was litterally instant. Like a couple seconds or less.
    08-23-11 01:42 PM