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    I got the 9650 Bold last Friday (VZW) to replace my Tour and was loving it until my first roadtrip with it today.

    I went to one of our other plants about 3.5 hours away and coverage was fine on the way down and the first hour coming back, then I lost data completely. Signal would go from 3G/no bars to 1x/2 bars to nothing.

    For the next hour I tried reboots, battery pulls, etc and at one point had a red SOS in the signal strength area. I also tried *228 but would get a plain recording that this cell phone wasn't authorized to use this function.

    I called tech support and go nowhere so tried a few more things and called them back. While she was trying to get a higher level tech the call dropped while I was on I-65 which is a great signal area. Surprisingly a higher level tech called me back after my signal came back and even though it was breaking up, he explained how to do a procedure to the cdma section by 'dialing' ##000000 and entering vzw as a password.

    After it reset itself, boom I was back in business, however, I was in metro Louisville again so I'm still wondering what will happen this weekend when I make another trip.

    The one thing about my Tour(s) (all 5 of them I went through) was call quality always great and almost always had data coverage no matter where I was.
    06-09-10 08:00 PM
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    ^^ I've seen a ton of reports of signal instability issues on the 9630 also, so I would say consider yourself lucky on the 9630.


    One thread for reference, but there have been many for the 9630 going way back.
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    06-09-10 08:03 PM
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    Weird. I took a trip from St Louis, MONTH to Iowa City, Iowa

    Never lost signal there or back. Used Google Maps there and Sprint Nav back. Sprint Nav kept losing GPS and would pick it back up in a few seconds usually, was annoying at best. Google Maps was fine the whole way.

    Will be going back in a few weeks and hope to not have the problem you experienced.

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    06-09-10 08:07 PM
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    you got a bad phone...this thing is solid. i can hardly even look at my tour anymore.
    06-09-10 08:09 PM
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    This is an interesting post. I work in an elementary school and I just said to a colleague today, I have better signal strength with my Curve. hmmmmm...
    06-09-10 08:09 PM
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    Different OSes use different radio codes. So often people think the phone is the difference, whereas it might be the radio code.
    06-09-10 08:21 PM
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    Different OSes use different radio codes. So often people think the phone is the difference, whereas it might be the radio code.

    On my Tour, I ran so many different OSes it's not even funny. The last was the .643 leak which was very solid and I've been installing that on all the other Tours at work recently to get rid of the horrible .591 official release.

    Today's issue was strange, not really a radio issue, more a configuration problem that happened on the fly somewhere around mile marker 25 on the Western Kentucky Parkway.
    06-09-10 10:15 PM