1. nickcoffer's Avatar
    Good morning everyone,

    I'd be very interested to know from any audiophiles among you how good you think the Bold is as an MP3 player.

    I hear the speakers are good but I am talking here more about the sound via earphones. Does the sound compare to other more music oriented phones? How does it compare to the iphone? Or even an ipod?

    I can't find details anywhere about the type of sound chip used and whether RIM have put a good one in or not...

    Any feedback much appreciated!!!

    Many thanks

    08-27-08 04:01 AM
  2. Dogmann's Avatar
    Hi Nick,

    Well i use a pair of Shure EC2G ear phones and all my Music is converted from CD's to 256kbps AAC in iTunes and although i have only listened to a few Albums so far i am getting ready to sell my iPod. I hope that gives you some idea of what i think of the quality it's very good IMO the only thing is i couldn't get the BB media sync to work so had to use the Roxio media software but that works well enough IMO. Only got my Bold yesterday so today will convert some TV shows for it and if they come out as good as the demo videos on the Bold I'll be very happy. As IMO the screen on the Bold really is amazingly sharp and clear and bright.

    08-27-08 05:09 AM