1. Crazy2FB's Avatar
    I'm not sure if someone did ask this before, but can anyone please tell me what you call the bar on your home screen where it displayes the applications?

    Do anyone know where I can download more of these things to create themes in Plazmic? I saw some people create bars on the side with applications on and some created a circle in the middle of the screen with it on.

    Please help me with this. I have been trying to find out about this for a while but I have no answer as yet.

    07-22-09 05:02 AM
  2. Lluvia's Avatar
    I believe you are referring to the scroll bar. Do you mean having it like this?

    Said theme can be downloaded here.

    Another example:

    EDIT: If this is indeed what you are looking for, then I believe there aren't many (if any) tutorials that are more or less 101 and guide you through the steps. Here is a link to the Plazmic Theme Builder User Guide (.PDF). Hope this helps.
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    07-22-09 05:23 AM
  3. Crazy2FB's Avatar
    Yes, Thanks, I will look at it. Thanks
    07-22-09 08:05 AM