08-17-11 01:20 AM
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  1. bulls2213's Avatar
    This is just iGadget's goofy way of trying to prevent people from purchasing a new BlackBerry device. No way we'll see a QNX smartphone in 2011.
    08-17-11 01:01 AM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    So spending hundreds of dollars on something you can have now which will clearly be replaced in months is the "best course of action"? What's the definition of faith again? lol! I know what you are saying...a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush but I feel we've waited this long....why not a little longer. If QNX won't be out until a year then I'd spring for a new device now but QNX sounds like it's coming sooner than later. At least RIM is apparently putting other stuff off (10" playbook) to release a QNX smartphone. I think they have to push this b/c they know that the 9900 is dated before it was even released.
    I haven't seen enough evidence to clearly know that RIM is going to be able to come out with a QNX handset in 3 months. Let's just say I am not convinced. En cites this site which sites a source which sites another link cited Engadget again. Been there thanks, if, and this is a mighty big if, RIM were to launch a single core handset for the end of the year, then who is to say the current sets running OS 7 (9850/60) could not do it either, RIM's legacy support is legendary. They already have a dual enabled QNX device, the Playbook. RIM is finding out quickly that the PB's battery performance is circumspect when it comes to the tablet (at the size it is) doing everything it should be doing, if they were to add actual phone use, the power would be about 50% less than an Android. A majority of the PB users who do not own a BB are getting pissed that they still do not native e-mail, and rightly so, but this article expects me to believe that as RIM is failing, they suddenly pull 4 heavy solutions to problems out of their collective @sses in....what 90 days!?

    10 eh? Cause 7 inches and can't do sh*t, is so much better on a 10? I call shenanigans on that one from both parties.

    So unless they have been writing code for months on this (Again, why not testing on the Playbook?), BES cannot be used within the QNX environment

    Oh Engagdet, always good for a laugh...
    08-17-11 01:13 AM
  3. vegasrockstar's Avatar
    Well, I think I'll wait a couple of weeks and grab a 9930 off contract. It seems to have everything I want (better speed than my 9650, nicer screen, bigger keyboard like my original Bold, etc).

    I would wait for the first QNX, but I have to have Enterprise Server support for our Lotus Notes Server, and I've read everywhere that the first QNX phones won't support it. SO the 9930 should do just fine for me.
    08-17-11 01:20 AM
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