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    Hey everyone,

    I just bought a blackberry bold from a friend of mine in brand new condition.
    But he only gave me the phone, a charger, and a USB cable to sync it.
    I've had the phone for a few days, and I like it a lot, but I tried to download the Blackberry software online, but it won't appear on the cmpter when I plug the phone.
    I also bought a memory card, and it comes with an adapter, but it doesn't show on my computer either.
    I really need some guidance on this one... What am I doing wrong?
    07-20-09 10:12 PM
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    Just start the Desktop Manager application manually. Then run Media Manager.
    To access your mediacard or devicememory without using DM, set your BB to Options>Memory>MassStorageMode>On

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    07-20-09 10:27 PM
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    Also, if you prefer, when you enable Mass Storage Mode it gives you the option to access the Phone and Memory Card contents as it were a regular flash drive. I find this easier to do than using the Media Manager. Simple drag & drop.

    For DM (Desktop Manager). Once you have downloaded it and installed it. Go to Start>All Programs>BlackBerry>Desktop Manager

    Plug in your phone and follow any prompts to install drivers and such. At this point it should automatically install the needed drivers and it will take a few moments to integrate with DM.

    If you have enabled MSM (Mass Storage Mode) then in the phone a message will appear asking if you want to use it as a external disk (in order to access it from Windows Explorer)

    By the way, make sure you format the Memory Card. Using the BlackBerry device before putting any files on it.

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