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    Ok, I just switched from BB8900 to the 9700, and I have had nothing but issues. I need some help.! First of all, my BB SHUTS OFF completely at 2 bars of battery, and then I cannot turn it back on without having to plug it in and RE-CHARGING IT. WTF??? Now, the biggest issue is when my is getting near to 2 bars, it RAPIDLY switches from "searching for signal" to "EDGE", and "GPRS". Its does that on a weird cycle, and I cant make calls, txt, etc. What is going on? Is this a defect with my device? I will have to take out the battery for it to function normally, but doing this will drop my battery down to 1 bar. (RED). HELP HELP HELP. I have never expierence any issues with my 8900. Im sorry if these issues have been already addressed. Thank you.
    08-11-11 12:32 AM
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    What OS version do you have?
    Have you tried updating the device software via Apploader?
    Have you tried calling your carrier about tower or signal issues you're experiencing?

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    08-11-11 12:25 PM
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    No i havent called tmobile yet because its obviously the phone thats giving the issue. I have V5.0.0.714. What is Apploader"? LOL Thanks
    08-11-11 12:41 PM