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    Can anyone help. I have had a blackberry for years but recently took out a new contract and put the SIM card in a Bold 9980 that I have spare (which is new). I have gone online to Vodafone BIS login (BlackBerry Internet Service) and set up the phone to receive email. This has been set up perfectly with my Gmail account. So email works on my phone but the Gmail wont sync my contacts and calendar. And I know it should. If I log in to the Vodafone Blackberry login it says:

    "If you have not already done so, to start calendar and contact synchronization, complete the security activation on your BlackBerry® device:
    1. On the Home screen, click the Setup icon and click Email Accounts or Email Settings.
    2. After you open the application, the security activation starts. When security activation is complete, calendar and contact synchronization automatically begins"

    If I go to the Set Up on the Phone and then into "Email Accounts" it says "No accounts activated" and then says "To activate your Enterprise Account enter details provided by your administrator". I have put the Gmail account details in here with the m.google.com server but still cannot get it to work. Any ideas greatly appreciated.
    02-23-13 12:24 PM

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