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    I am considering switching to the 9900 or 9930.

    I still have all my phone information saved on the old Palm desktop. Can I transfer that to one of these new phones?

    I searched and found some posts about it but it seemed a bit dated. It talked about a multi-step process using outlook and blackberry desktop? I don't even recall that mentioned in the "unboxing" so I'm not sure that applies to these new devices.

    Thanks in advance.


    P.S. What's the status of running Flash (e.g. Youtube) on these new phones?

    P.P.S. Can these phones be unlocked as I've read some of the other models were?
    08-19-11 04:03 PM
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    I'll answer the best I can.

    1. Blackberry Desktop Software can synch with Outlook. So, if you can get your Palm contacts into Outlook, you can then synch them to your Blackberry.

    2. OS7 phones do not have Flash. Don't expect that in these models. Most likely, the future QNX based phones will have Flash, since the PlayBook does, but don't expect it on a 9900 or 9930. They handle HTML5 well, though. YouTube does work, even without Flash.

    3. I believe they can be unlocked, but I don't unlock phones, so someone else will need to confirm.
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    08-19-11 04:12 PM
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    Okay, so Blackberry Desktop Software is still current and works with these new phones? I didn't see any references to it in the discussions about the new models so I was not sure. Thanks for the information on Flash. Is there any way to do a transfer without Outlook?
    08-19-11 04:34 PM
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    There was a posting on the main Crackberry page today that you might be able to do a direct transfer by plugging the Pre in and using the Blackberry Desktop Software. I haven't tried it (don't have a Pre), but can't hurt anything to try.

    Yes, the current Desktop Software works with the OS7 phones.
    08-22-11 03:56 PM
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    Yes they can be unlocked.
    08-22-11 03:58 PM