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    Got a blackberry bold 9000. I downloaded foursqure on it. I ran the application and a pop-up that says "The application FourSquare has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT Policy." There's an okay button which i press then the same pop-up keeps coming on over and over. Called Blackberry support. Told me I am suppose to wipe the phone. I can't white the phone threw the options section because the pop-up gets in the way. The told me to download Blackberry desktop manager. Tried to connect my blackberry to my computer but it didn't read the phone. Please help. Is there any way to rest the phone besides the options or threw blackbery manager. Any advice would help
    07-01-11 09:10 PM
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    07-01-11 09:20 PM
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    If you are actually using a corporate BlackBerry, removing the IT policy isn't an option. It's put there by your employer, and removing it could violate your conditions of employment.

    I googled the error message you reported and found several hits. Here's one that might help:
    Quickoffice - Support Center
    07-01-11 09:32 PM
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    My phone won't let me wipe it. The pop-up gets in the way. It just keeps popping up after I clicked on okay. I've been trying to connect my phone to my computer but it doesn't read it. I downloaded the drivers again but nothing. I bought the phone online so it's previous owner had a IT policy on it. :/
    07-01-11 09:39 PM
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    Wipe it with BBSAK. Then reload the OS and remove the IT policy.
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    07-01-11 09:51 PM
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    ^^^What she said^^^

    One of the problems with getting a used BB is having someone's old IT policy on it. It has got to go to be able to get rid of your problem.
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    07-02-11 06:49 AM
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    Read this thread as it is the ONLY complete way to remove an IT Policy http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/remo...y-phone-81401/

    My thread describes not only removing the IT Polocy from your phone BUT it also removes the backup copy put there by the phone when it connects to the PC. This part is not widely known.

    For this to work you must have the Blackberry Deskto Manager installed and working on your PC. You do not need the extra drivers.
    07-02-11 07:39 AM
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    I'm using BBSAK. I reloaded OS and now how do i remove the TI Policy. Where do I go for that?
    07-02-11 08:11 PM
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    There are two links that have been posted in this thread with instructions on removing the IT Policy.

    Click on the links and follow the instructions.
    07-02-11 08:27 PM