1. slpayton01's Avatar

    Please, if someone can suggest or help me fix this or has a homemade remedy??

    I have a Blackberry Bold...Today I went to switch trackball on my unit.. I did very well until I got to the steel cage. It was rough popping it off (nothing like what the video shows) when I finally did get it off two of the plastic bottom clips where the steel cage snaps back on broke off. .
    The two top plastic base top clips are still intact, however the two bottom are no longer there.
    There is a total of 4 two on the top and two on the bottom, The steel cage clips to these four attachments to hold the trackball in snugly.
    This piece looks like it is solider to the mother board of the phone.
    Does anyone have any suggestions, remedy on how I can repair this big hiccup.
    Would a plastic shank with super glue hold in place and anchor the steel cage steady I wonder?
    Thanks for all your suggestions and input on this de lima.
    I love being a part of this Group and welcome any and all suggestions.
    Respectfully, Slpayton01
    07-01-09 12:34 PM
  2. _Relic's Avatar
    The metal looking piece that goes over the trackball has clips it connects to in the front and back of housing. Just secure them on the side that isn't broken and you should be ok.
    07-01-09 12:50 PM
  3. BlankBerry's Avatar
    I did exactly the same thing while cleaning my trackball just last week I did manage to get both top ones (closest to screen) clipped on & only 1 on the bottom..I dont see any way to replace it either I think its part of the board.. =\ Just gotta live with it my friend the ball wont go anywhere in there..Good Luck
    07-01-09 01:00 PM