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    i searched around and never found an answer to my specific question, so last resort - i made my own thread.

    all of a sudden, in the last 2 days, my phone has stayed at the orange AT&T screen after reboot for longer than normal periods of time. i wondered if it mightve been any of the apps ive installed in that period, so i went back and removed them all through DM. still the same problem. my phone goes through the loading/progress bar normally, then when the orange screen pops up, it stays there for what seems an eternity before finally displaying my homescreen. would anyone have happened to maybe have encountered the same issues, or have any insight as to what i should do at this point?
    05-30-10 02:14 AM
  2. GG1's Avatar
    Since you have uninstalled your apps, my suggestion is to perform a security wipe and put your phone back to "out of the box" state and see if it is resolved. Keep it on stock theme (if you were using custom theme)and re-install your apps one by one. If it was working fine before,upgrading OS shouldn't be necessary but you can always upgrade if you still have an issue.
    Good luck.

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    05-30-10 05:18 AM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    Before you go for the drastic step of wiping your phone, please try booting to Safe Mode. To do this, do a battery pull or <Alt><Right-Shift><Del> and hold the Escape key down while the phone boot. This will load the OS without any non-RIM apps.

    If this fixes the problem try another re-boot to normal mode. See what happens. If you still have a problem, you may need to reload your OS so download to version of your choice and follow the usual set of instructions.

    Make sure you do a Sync before you start the OS upgrade. I never do a wipe prior to an OS upgrade unless the phone has a problem.
    05-30-10 07:43 AM