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    Got my bold today and loving it straight away

    I have a few problems, my and my friends chatting using bbm and she sent me some funny codes/logos how can i add them to my autotext? I did select and copy and then edit autotext, and then new but there's no paste option? Only save, insert macro, show symbols, switch input language, switch applications and close?

    Also if i want to put themes, pics, ringtones, etc on my mem card, what folder should create so the phone can recognise them?

    Thanks guys
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    08-18-09 12:14 PM
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    That symbols list is tricky. You need to make sure you're fully highlighting the
    symbol. People run into this problem a lot. Sometimes the symbol looks as if
    it's fully highlighted when it isn't.
    08-18-09 12:56 PM
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    Thanks, found out that didn't highlight the symbol properly

    Got error 907 invalid COD when installing themes?
    08-18-09 01:24 PM