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    hi i just installed the new os .340 for the 9930 verizon and my phone started up again and everything seems to be normal BUT the desktop software thats downloading the new os into my phone is still loading like its not finished yet its on the reboot stage. how long should i wait before disconnecting my phone or is it all done already ?

    i also still dont have any of my contacts or text messages is this normal with downloading a new os and having to restore it?
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    08-21-11 11:52 PM
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    Go to the .340 leak thread in the Leaks forum --- this is happening to others including myself.

    Do a battery pull.

    Then read on how to manage your Blackberry such as restoring and backing up data.

    Sounds like this is your first BB.

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    08-22-11 12:19 AM
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    This happened to me too, it hung at the final stage where it must restore the backup file. Thank god I had a backup, so I just restored the backup

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    08-22-11 12:21 AM