1. alpwhite46's Avatar
    I did some research and i can't seem to find why this started happening.

    I have 4 email accounts set up, and it's not one particular email that it is happening to, but to all rather.

    What happens is basically if i get an email with more than 15 lines of text... (i can read the first 15 lines fine)
    however after that it seems like it just does not want to load up anymore...
    (the screen is displayed as those checkered squares.. white and gray)

    I even clicked the option "view as plain text" and that does nothing..

    Any help would be very appreciated
    09-08-11 11:38 AM
  2. alpwhite46's Avatar
    nobody? if i zoom in using my fingers itll kinda appear, i have to fiddle around with it... weird :S
    09-10-11 07:42 AM