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    I just switched devices from a ghetto LG phone to a Blackberry 9700 Bold (used, unlocked).

    I am a pay as you go user with Telus (in Canada). I rarely use my phone, only switched so I could check client email while I'm on the job site (max 2 times a day).

    For the first 2 weeks that I had this new phone, I was able to connect to the internet via wi-fi at home and at hot-spots (very handy). Now I get an error message that my blackberry service has been de-activated (although I can still call and text, so I guess this just means internet service has been deactivated.

    I called Telus and they've informed me that I have to get on a contract to access the internet (cheapest contract is $45). Does anyone know if I can access the browser via wi-fi without signing a contract? I currently average $15-$25/month (which is why I'd prefer to stick with pay and talk).

    Also, what is the point of registering with Blackberry ID? I did it, and there is nothing to link it to my phone (I'm assuming it has to do with the no-contract thingy...)

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    08-27-13 10:16 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry...

    I still use my 9900 on wifi and both email and browser work. As far as BBID, it is used for BlackBerry World, BB Protect, and is your personal identifier to BlackBerry.
    Needed for beta apps, channels, etc...mostly everything is now tied to your BBID, as well as BBM (i..e contacts etc)
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    08-27-13 12:27 PM
  3. wetsock's Avatar
    ahh.. so that's what the ID is for. Thanks for that.

    Just figured out that I can still use wi-fi/surf the web by typing a web address in the bar above the deactivation message. Very relieved that I don't have to spend a fortune just to check my email here and there.

    So in a nutshell, wi-fi is free with a Blackberry - even on "pay as you go."
    08-27-13 01:58 PM

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