1. prince_1308's Avatar
    im trying to add people on bbm and when i enter the pin there is no option to add pin i press bb menu all it says is full menu and i cant add any ideas?
    09-05-08 01:21 PM
  2. avmsam's Avatar
    09-05-08 01:24 PM
  3. prince_1308's Avatar
    I know how to use bbm i have a bold and the add a contact screen pops up and i enter a pin it wont let me add there is no option for it i click the trackball all that comes up is full menu and no add option
    09-05-08 01:59 PM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    From BBM, press menu and select Add a Conctact. A box should pop up asking you to type a PIN/Email address or name. The newest version of BBM is much improved over older version where it was not as obvious how to add by pin.
    09-05-08 02:04 PM
  5. prince_1308's Avatar
    i do that, the box comes up usually it lets me add once i press enter i doesnt add i have 3 bbm friends i just added some1 yesterday now it doesnt work i guess yall dunno huh?
    09-05-08 02:34 PM
  6. prince_1308's Avatar
    and btw i have a bold
    09-05-08 02:40 PM
  7. sunkast's Avatar
    Do a battery pull.
    09-05-08 03:46 PM