1. miss_morgana's Avatar
    I need your personal opinion.. which OS bundle either os 6 or 5 you find it best and stable battery life for 9700.

    Thank you.

    (ps. Mods I know you must have a 9700 also somewhere in your room,so please share opinions)

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5
    12-01-13 05:53 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Hi!!! And welcome aboard! OS5 worked better with my 9700, OS6 didn't work as efficiently, that I remember.
    12-01-13 05:59 AM
  3. Tomas Swagger's Avatar
    Try what yiu have dine oready
    12-01-13 06:53 AM
  4. miss_morgana's Avatar
    Try what yiu have dine oready

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5
    12-01-13 08:12 AM
  5. Mantoshelis's Avatar
    I'm very happy with OS6 on my 9700
    12-07-13 06:28 AM
  6. miss_morgana's Avatar
    Hello 9700 users-img_00000025_hdr.jpg

    I love my 9700 bold and BlackBerry Q5

    Posted via CB10
    12-07-13 08:37 AM
  7. cbfan123's Avatar
    I haven't tried OS6 but OS5 is stable and not as memory intensive as OS6. I'm sure there are advantages with OS6, but I would stick with OS5.

    Posted via CB10
    12-07-13 11:13 AM
  8. Stevemc76's Avatar
    Got two, one has 6.0 bundle 3049 with standard theme.
    The other is 6.0 bundle 3106 with Os7 clean wallpaper-friendly icon theme, it's much better to use although it may be the theme that makes it better.
    12-13-13 12:24 AM

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