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    This all began after downloading a few aps after the last update.
    I think the app that might be the culprate, but not 100% sure, is the game pixelated, very similar to the game flood it on iphone.

    My phone kept locking up and getting weird errors something along the lines of 33> = 33 or something like that. and something like blahblah_blackberry_messenger.exe terrminated. or something like that.
    so, i did a total security wipe. everything seemed fine.

    except the fact that i was still recieving emails from an account attached to my bb BEFORE the wipe was done. I didn't think much of it, untill i went into the messeges folder. something that popped up basically telling me that to use this feature, i needed to attach an email to my device... what?
    why am i still reciving emails if i don't have one attached?

    I then went into my BBM to restore my bbm pin/contacts, and whatnot, but it wont let me because no email is attached...

    so i go to setup an email.
    i click, setup an email account, then the option to set up an outside provider address (not enterprise) and guess what? THE SCREEN LOCKS UP. i can still see the data being sent, but the screen isn't doing anything and isn't responding to keystrokes, so, battery pull.

    I go in to try again, i click on the non enterprise option, and it shows the waiting symbol for a split second, and then kicks me back to the "what do you want to set up?" page.

    everything else is usable.

    set up my email
    restore my BBM contacts
    send emails (even though i'm reciving them)

    somone at best buy (where i bought the phone) called one of their buddies who works at RIM, and he said he was having the EXACT same problem, for the exact same ammount of time. (about 1.5 - 2 weeks) and this lead best buy to believe that after the last update, RIM did a hotfix, and it ****ed **** up. however, i am the only other person besides him that has been having this problem that he knows of.

    06-30-11 08:45 PM
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    Holy...it seems as if you've got a phantom phone! I wish you luck...

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    06-30-11 09:51 PM
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    Welcome to the forums. I think the "RIM did a hotfix, and it ****ed **** up" scenario is really possible too. But to the task at hand...

    You're getting emails because a factory reset will not reset your BIS account. The emails are still set up there, so once BIS kicks in the device (i.e. it connects to the NOC) you resume getting your email.

    You have two ways to go about it:

    - Options > Security > Security Wipe > then tick "Emails, contacts etc." and Third party apps (don't tick the last one if you want to keep your music/pics/etc in the SD card);

    - Manually delete one app, doing a battery pull every time it asks you to reboot until you no longer get the errors.

    I'd go for the 1st one, since I have weekly backups.

    If it all fails, an OS reload might be in order.

    Holy...it seems as if you've got a phantom phone! I wish you luck...
    Yeah, that is always good to have.
    06-30-11 09:58 PM