1. DreamAs2Live4Evr's Avatar
    Ok so I have a Bold and a 8330 which I now hardly use.
    I can't really justify it being that I have VZW and ATT. So
    So should I port over the VZW # and get an 8900 or Onyx
    (when released) and share minutes? I'm thinking I could just
    Swap my Sim card between the 2 phones to only pay for
    Data once and the # I'm not using could be dormant. Or should
    I keep the line w VZW and upgrade the the next Berry w them?

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    06-26-09 02:13 AM
  2. fabuloso's Avatar
    CDMA sim and GSM sim wont work. You could port your 2nd number over, but, you risk adding a new line and a credit check approval with a possible deposit (if this wasnt done the first time, nothing to worry about).

    At this point, you do as you wish with your phone or lines. Just depends what service is best in your area.
    06-26-09 02:20 AM
  3. skygear's Avatar
    go gsm better selection and easier replacement if theres issues

    $h!+ thats 10 now can i have my PRIVELEDGES BACK mommy
    06-26-09 03:32 AM