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    Hi, I have a Bold 9900, great condition, been on a shelf in my computer room for several months as it's no longer needed. This post is made looking for information re the best way/place to sell same. Much too nice a phone to let it sit unused and I assume there is still a good market and or someone needing to find one. It's still the best phone by far that I've used. It comes with the Blackberry factory leather pouch. Also, would like some idea of what a fair price would be for both buyer and seller. Would also like to see it go to someone in need of same.
    *email address deleted* and any answers will be appreciated.
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    11-06-13 09:21 PM
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    The market place here is a good place to sell a phone. But there are rules you will need to follow first.

    Also, it is against forum rules to post your email.
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    11-06-13 09:23 PM
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    Our Marketplace has a 50 post requirement for posting an ad, something I'm sure folks here can help you accomplish in a fair amount of time. Good devices can find a new home if the price is fair, and a 9900 still has some popularity.

    The Marketplace - Buy, Sell & Trade - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com
    11-06-13 09:32 PM

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