1. uptil5am's Avatar
    I have over 2000 BBM contacts saved between several different groups. I often promote events by sending out a group message.

    In the past, I have no problem sending out one message that would reach all of my group members. I previously used the Bold 9650.

    I just upgraded to the Bold 9930. I'll detail the error I am receiving step by step:

    I go to BBM
    I select a group
    in this instance, the group I selected had 422 contacts
    I input text
    hit send
    I receive the following error: "only 100 recipients allowed"

    What is the point of allowing me to have a group larger than 100 contacts then?

    It would be inconvenient for me to individually message each one of my BBM contacts just due to the sheer volume. I also do not want to break my existing groups into ones that are inside of this 100 contacts limitation that wasn't there previously.

    Any suggestions?

    Your help and insight is greatly appreciated!
    11-22-11 11:23 AM
  2. mobileguru#IM's Avatar
    I am having a group messaging problem on my T-Mobile 9900. I can receive messages sent to a group that includes me, but when I reply, it seems to only goto the original sender?
    12-08-13 10:50 AM