07-25-13 07:55 PM
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    I posted this in another thread. I had to switch back and here is why.

    After 3 weeks or so with the Q10 I had to switch back to my trusty 9930. I tried very much to love the Q10 but I just can't deal with the basics not where I expect them to be. No keyboard shortcuts and no email folder on the home screen or email notifications (sorry, swiping around the screen to find the folders and notifications is just not user-friendly as seeing the folder and knowing you have an email in it). I am as basic as it gets when it comes to my device...3 email accounts (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail), text messaging, Calendar, Outlook Notes, BerryWeather, Mobile Checkbook and Facebook...that is pretty much it. Amazing how just these simple items are not so simple on the Q10. I have been a BB user since the summer of 2000 and the 9930 just does all I need it to so simply and fast.
    07-25-13 07:14 PM
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    You know I just thought of a great idea that BlackBerry should implement in future models. You know that track pointer that thinkpads and lenovo use on there keyboard, why not add one of those the the keyboard of the q10 in between the g and the h.

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    07-25-13 07:55 PM
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