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    I got my 9930 with Sprint today and even though i only have 1 signal bar, or zero, the 3G icon has disappeared, 1X goes to 1x all the time, all my SMS don't get sent, i can't send or receive any emails, and cant really make any calls from inside my apartment (including *2), i still think the 9900/9930 is a great phone.

    However, it doesn't feel fresh or inventive in anyway. The OS, though billed as OS7, is really just an OS6 re-hash. The thing i noticed about this phone is that i finally feel like i am holding a more powerful Blackberry in my hand because the ones prior to this were so behind the competition that i was embarassed to even show people my YouTube app let alone use it in fear the phone would break down or i'd experience that horrid 'buffering' words appear on screen.

    I hate seeing that infamous 'hourglass' that always appears on every blackberry device and even with a 1.2GZ processor, it still appears here, but less. Overall, i like the phone and i think this is the ultimate messaging device. The beefed up specks underneath the hood are much needed. I believe PhoneDog.Com said: "More evolutionary than revolutionary". Well said!
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    And why did you need two threads to say that you got a 9930? Why not just update your other one... or just post in the stickied official thread? It must have come up as a 'related topic' when you were creating a new one...
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