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    Questions first to anyone else with a 9900.............

    The 3 buttons on the side (volume up/down and mute): do they look like the top one is raised and level, but the other 2 are sunken to one side and on an angle? I thought mine was defective so the guy in the store opened another box and it was the same. Just curious.

    My 9700 always said 3G or Edge on the top right. This says neither, but has H+. What is this? I am on Rogers.

    Now to my first impressions..........

    LOVE this phone! Best Qwerty keyboard I've used ever, and I'm picky about keyboards. I also like the touchscreen and find it very responsive and easy to use. I love OS7 and my favorite feature is that you can now lock your panels on the home screen and get rid of the annoying OS6 "frequent, favorites, etc". I was able to clean up the icons and have everything I want in ONE PLACE without having to swipe left or right. Thank goodness RIM changed this! The screen is awesome, the graphics are fresh and have a nice look to them. I thought the phone width would be annoying to me as I have small hands, but the phone is so nice and light, thin and balanced that the width is actually fine. The camera is fine for me, in fact way better than my 9700 so I have no complaints about it. I am not an app user so can't comment on any of that stuff. Overall, I am super happy I got this to replace my 9700.
    08-16-11 10:05 PM
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    The buttons are supposed to be like that. It's the same on the PlayBook.

    H+ is the HSPA+ network which is faster than 3G. That's a good thing to have.
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    08-16-11 10:10 PM