1. vladzaharia's Avatar
    I seem to be having a problem with my GMail account.
    About a week ago, I had a password error on my GMail Account, so I decided to change passwords and delete and reset up the account. Everything seemed to be happy again and e-mails were coming in.
    However, that's when I started to notice problems. Things that I would read on my BlackBerry would not get read status on GMail, and, subsequently, any other email application which uses it (iPad, Mail.app, etc).
    It also isn't using the Enhanced Gmail Application.

    What's weirder, I looked in my account and saw that POP3 was enabled, so I disabled it. Every time I set up my account, it gets enabled again. It seems that BIS is trying to use my POP account instead of IMAP.

    I have a second GMail account (Google Apps Hosted, for work) which works perfectly.

    Does anyone know what's wrong or how to fix it?
    06-22-10 07:55 PM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    Check the gmail acct settings from the desktop to see you have imap clicked instead of pop3 by accident.

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    06-22-10 08:12 PM
  3. vladzaharia's Avatar
    And where would that be? On GMail, both POP3 and IMAP are enabled. On the BIS side, I don't get an option between POP and IMAP.
    06-22-10 08:23 PM