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    I have enabled geotagging on my photos and last night took 5 pictures from the same place within a few seconds of each other. The first picture got geotagged but the other 4 did not!
    From the picture you can 'send/share' and when you click on this it brings up the options - send via sms,email or bbm contact and also 'see on map' which links the location of the pic to your bb maps app and you can see where you took the picture!

    So why only one of the pics get tagged and the other 4 didn't??
    Just took another pic now and that wasn't tagged either!

    What's going on???? Running 5.0.100

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    07-03-09 12:36 PM
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    If i remember correctly you have to wait until the next picture is re-synced to the gps, with mine running .282 it takes about 10 seconds outdoors (indoors much longer to not at all) to have the next photo geotagged.

    there is a red symbol that shows the gps is still getting a location, that turns white (in the bottom right corner, if not using the camera in full screen) when it is working.
    07-03-09 12:52 PM
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    Ah I see it now! Thanks a lot!!!

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    07-03-09 12:57 PM