1. NoAndroidEnforcersTYVM's Avatar
    Used to have a Curve gel case which cocooned the entire phone except for the screen and trackpad and red / green buttons either side. And guess what, the keypad cover was glow in the dark too. Dirt cheap as well, as l recall.

    I've decided to pull the trigger and commit to the new 9900.

    Lo! There are none of these fabulous soft gel cases anywhere. All l'm finding on Amazon / eBay / Google are soft cases that merely cover the back,but do not include the keypad at the front.

    Anybody know where l can get the all-round covering gel case with integrated illuminous keypad cover? Or even the rights to it and the schematic so that l can make a cool £million in an open playing field?
    07-20-18 07:34 PM
  2. mushroom_daddy's Avatar
    Forget the cover, where are you going to find a 'new' 9900 in 2018?!
    07-21-18 02:46 AM
  3. NoAndroidEnforcersTYVM's Avatar
    From the mobile phone shop Failing that, l'll just glue a calculator to a Nintendo Gameboy.

    I really need the soft gel case that looks like a crocodile slipper, not the sort that looks like a mere boat. Needs to wrap around the keypad. Why oh why is that design discontinued? It's extremely durable, and protective, and the keypad actually gloes in the dark whilst being translucent so you can easily use it in bed.
    07-21-18 08:11 AM

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